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Alex Sarican born and raised in Germany and has started his business career at age 14 with running his father’s coffee shop in a little town in Turkey. Alex as many ambitious businessman in America had his dream to build his Empire, he started his business career in Florida as Oriental Rug Company in 2001, 2005 he then went into Real estate flipping, did a great job on flipping properties till the historical Crash in 2008 hit America and the World, him like millions of other people has been affected from this massive crash,he learned from that crash very important lesson, the lesson of life “if your mind is not at the level where your pocket is,your pocket will come down to the level of your mind when any kind of incidents happens” so he decided to improve his mind level first and traveled many countries met many brilliant business mans and mentors,learned how to build a massive company,educated himself with life experience and studied Napoleon Hill, Jim Rohn, John Maxwell,¬†Tony Robins and many brilliant mentor strategies,His goal is to build one of the finest team and Company in America, his quote “I will build one of the best and most trusted team and Company in America, nothing in this world can stop me from achieving my dream, the American dream”