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Issac Ben Abraham is Chief Operating officer at Sarican Holding. Working with Alex Sarican, he is incharge of putting strategies for Current and Future Projects, coordinate, and implement global interest for Local and selected overseas Projects represented by the company. Issac is well experienced in World Business strategies and traveled almost the entire world, his ability to actualize creative ideas and analyze and act on local and overseas Projects and brings valuable asset to the company and its rapid expansion into the international marketplace. He is a graduate of the Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Bachelors of Science Architecture & Structural Engineering 1979

Professional Development
Walt Disney Company – WED Imagineering (1979-1984)
Glendale, CA

Project Engineer
Structural Engineer
Managed projects from conceptual design through construction for Epcot Center, Disneyland and Houston

Airport Wedway monorail.
Precon Products (1984 – 1985)
Vice President

Managed the design, development & construction of precast concrete products for underground utilities, sound walls and conceptual high-rise development with Canadian company in Edmonton Canada.

Vice President of Development
Managed the design, development and construction of condo, custom homes, office buildings and golf course/residential projects. Westoaks Real Estate Sales (1986-1989)

Westlake Village & Thousand Oaks
Sales & Leasing Associate for Estates in Malibu and Hidden Valley also commercial and industrial projects.
Real Estate Development – Self Employed (1990 – 1992)

Thousand Oaks, CA.
Arco AMPM Market & Gas Station, Rosedale Highway, Bakersfield – Design, development, construction & operation
Arco AMPM Market & Gas Station – Mammoth Lakes design development.
Shopping center – Lancaster – Design development
Bell Connections (1992 – 1998)

Wireless communication licenses services 800 Mhz & 931 Mhz
Spectrum Communications (1998 – 2003)
Beverly Hills, CA.

Wireless communication 220 Mhz – design, development, construction & marketing forming limited
partnerships of clients for ownership in major metropolitan cities including Los Angeles, New York, Miami …
Systems were designed and developed along with Securicor PLC, London (now merged with G4S, London) & Motorola.
Global Alliance 1 (2003 – present)
Century City, CA

Oil, Gold and Coal , Reserves & Real Estate
Located and provided reserves and oil projects for
First Reserve Inc., Houston, TX & Greenwich, Con. – Coal Projects in Inner Mongolia, China & oil reserve in Kazakhstan

Exxon, Houston, TX – M100 Mazut oil request
Aramco, Houston – 40 million barrel crude offering to Chinese oil company through Thailand National

Coy Squires, Salt Grass Petroleum – Aramco 40 million barrel offering was through his company China
China Yinfa Group, Beijing, Wuhan & Shenzhen China
Working as an associate of theirs I marketed an invitation from the Chinese government to the top US companies to come to China, meet the premier of China and receive funds for their company.

Blackstone Group
As a result of my invitation to the Blackstone Group from the Chinese government in Dec 2006 and Jan 2007 their company went to China, met with the Premier of China and received $3 billion in May of 2007.

Nascar China
I submitted and received approval from the Chinese government for Nascar to develop and operate in China. Jim France how visited China in April 2007 said Nascar was not ready yet for this development but accepted the sponsorships for his company.

Walt Disney World, Wuhan China
Working as an associate of the China Yinfa Group I submitted and received approval from the Chinese government for the Walt Disney Company to develop, build and operate a Walt Disney World on a 30,000 acre cite in Wuhan China.

China Petroleum Chamber of Commerce, Beijing
Organized the sale of 5 million metric tons of M100 oil per year for 5 years for their 80 refineries throughout China with ABN Amro Bank. Was not concluded because the Chinese governments payment schedule.

China Gold (China National Gold Group Corporation) Bejing.
Visited 1,000 sqkm operating gold mine in southern China and took high definition video and met with China Gold combining their geologic and mining plans producing a package that was sent to US and British gold mining companies.

Anglo Gold Ashnati, London
Provided Chinese gold reserves with mining and geologic plans.

Trump Organization, New York
Visited the Trump Organization in New York and provided real estate & city redevelopment projects in Wuhan and Shenzhen China.

Tishman Speyer Realty, New York
Visited the Tishman Speyer Realty offices in New York and provided real estate & city redevelopment projects in Wuhan and Shenzhen China.

Sinopec Group (largest oil company in China)
Visited office of CEO and provided geologic and mining plans for 5 million acre oil reserve in Kazakhstan, China

China Shenua Energy Group
Visited their coal mine in Inner Mongolia (the largest in the world) and took high definition videos and coal reserve information for First Reserve in Greenwich, Connecticut and then organized meetings and met with First Reserve and various Chinese coal reserve owners in Inner Mongolia, China.

50 million sqft Optics Valley Park in Wuhan China Provided information and tea service to Larry Ellison of Oracle and their Japanese office met with China and Oracle is intending to set up operations there.

The Carlyle High-Rise Condo Project on Wilshire
Put the conceptual project together with Asha Mallik the owner of Century Wilshire Hotel and Herb Nadel
Architects that was provided to Hilton and resulted in the Carlyle High-Rise Condo project

Spain Hotel Resort
Benidorm, Spain
Flew Hilton & Tishman to Benidorm Spain to purchase a project that was to become one of the largest hotels
in Europe.

Spanish Wireless Group
Met with company in Castello, Spain and packaged their company for purchase by Google.

Hotel Crans Ambassador Luxury Sport Resort

Crans Montana Ski Resort (Near Montroux)

Flew Hilton & Tishman to Switzerland to purchase this luxury sport hotel that was currently in bankruptcy.
President Donald Trump – Meeting with Dr. Seok-Hyun Hong Phd.
Historic Meeting – President Donald Trump & Dr. Seok-Hyun Hong Phd and in the White House Oval
Office on May 17, 2017

Several months of strategic planning and alliances resulted in the successful meeting between President
Donald Trump and Dr. Hong. Dr. Hong is the former ambassador the United Nations, Deputy to the
Chairman of the Asian Trilateral Commission, Chairman, Founder and CEO of the Joong Ang Ilbo, the
largest media empire in South Korea.

Antelope Valley High School – Graduated 1974
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Bachelors of Science Architecture & Structural Engineering 1979

UCLA Masters Swim Team, Ultra Marathons, Snow Skiing, Sky Diving, Rock Climbing, Polo, Cycling

Real Estate, Civil Engineering