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Mr John Kim is the Technology Head Adviser at Sarican Holding. Working with Alex Sarican, Mr Kim is one of the most influential inventor that has ever existed, as you can see from his Bio, all his inventions and trademarks all out of world inventions including inventing the first wireless home phone and streaming on smartphones,his inventions has changed a lot in our lives today, he is incharge of putting Current and Future Technology Projects on behalf of Sarican Holding,coordinates, and implements all Technology project that Sarican Holding has and will have in the future, his 50 semi years of experience in the World of Technology creates an amazing opportunity for human kind.

American Security System Inc.
Keytronics, Inc.
Founder, CEO & President
1970 – 1987

Invented the first home cordless telephones, CB Radios, cordless car alarm system and satellite receiver that were distributed throughout the United States

Minera Industries, Inc.
Founder, CEO & President
1999 – 2014

K-Technology USA, Inc.

Received 35 US patents and 3 patents are pending.
Minera Industries, Inc.
Invented Mobile Entertainment Communication Device –
The smart cellphone/camera phone that was successfully licensed to all the cell phone manufacturers including

Apple, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, LG, Patech, HTC/Google, Sanyo, Black Berry, etc. about 13 companies and received around $25 million dollars that they had settled before a court trial after they filed suit in a Texas court.

(Patent No. 7.321.783) Click on this link of Google Patents to see this full patent that he invented.

K-Technology USA

Artificial Aerodynamic Energy & the Recapturing of Wasted Energy
Developed renewable energy/green energy and invested around $3M dollars since 2010 and is now ready for producing power generators for the automobile, airplane, train, ship, helicopter or power plants by the new technology of an aero dynamic energy from artificial air power and recapturing the wasted energy from moving objects
No generator can produce enough power like new invented technology of the artificial aerodynamic energy and the wasted energy power that can be produce unlimited power any place in the world

Electric Cars
The electrical cars can be drive several hours without an outside charger and no need recharging the power 4-5 hours anymore with the new technology by K-Tech,

High Speed Trains
The electrical high-speed train may be no longer needs the pantograph or the end to end distance grid installation. By the K-Tech technology it will save at least 30% of the high-speed rail construction cost/budget and construction time.

K-Tech also jointly filed about 4 -5 patents with Sungkyenkwan University in Korea relating to power generator using a new novel award winning material of “Graphene. Graphene is twice stronger than diamonds and 200 times faster in thermal transfer than copper

• Korea Presidential Medal – for outstanding trade contribution 1981
• Top medal for the Peoples of Korea from the Korean Government 1984
• Outstanding Business Man of the Year from the National Republican Congregational Committee 2003
• Number of medals and appreciation awards from the KOTRA, Korean Council general office and from the Korean Community leaders

Social Contribution
• Advance and a Member of the South North Korea Unification advisory committee 1981
• Chairman of the Korean American Traders Association 1978-1983
• Founder of the OKTA / Korean Trader’s Association (member from 165 countries) 1981
• Chairman of the United States Olympic Support Committee for the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles
• Chairman of the First Korean Investor’s Association 1991