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My international work experience as follow;

As Freelance Finance and Project Advisor for Energy projects, I working for International Company’s in Middle East and in Africa.

Official Seller Mandate, with the full authority an “Mandate”to decide, deal and negotiate term and conditions of any agreements he deems necessary for the interest and profit of our Company with official organizations, Governmental bodies, Commercial entities, Companies, Corporations, physical persons and any third parties in respect of any business endeavor, undertaking in the areas of the Company’s activities including but not limited to the negotiations in respect of financing investment, banking instrument, the supply of various commodity an such other business as may be beneficial to the Company.
Moreover I’m entrusted to conduct the control of execution of contract or delivery of any Oil product.

Owner Insurance/Finance Company. Doing business in mortgage, loans and high risk insurance. Working together with Loyds Register Insurance Company’s in England.

Project Leader for a project initialized by the Government MKB-Netherlands. Project was called “World entrepreneurs”. Organize the foreing entrepreneurs in the 4 mean cities of Holland. To professionalize their performance and to stimulate their activities (import/export.

Director of the consumer Branch for Garanti Bank International N.V.


Study in RWTH University in Germany

University, Commercial Business Administration and Finance