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We’re a new Company but with lots of experience behind it, filling up our team with solid distinguished team member, our goal is to be in the BEST OF BEST companies and we’re constantly adding new members to our team with MASTER MIND ALLIANCE attitude

Our mission is through advanced technology and innovation solidify the global reach of our company and its innovative services resulting in the happiness and financial freedom of our clients

To do this our goals are to be a $5 billion company during the next 7 years through the development of the projects listed in our vision statement and on our website and more Projects to be added into our vision board in the near future.

In addition to this we are developing a innovative “real-time” communication method so that our clients can track the returns on our investment and the resulting profits into their personal accounts.

Mission ready and always putting our clients’ needs on top of the “inverse pyramid” we have created to lift them up – we seek a mission of prosperity and happiness for our clients, their families and loved ones through smart, solid and valuable returns to their portfolios


Life is only a moment of time and it goes by so fast that the 100’s of billions of people who have lived on this earth fail to truly enjoy life for all that it offers

Our Vision at Sarican Holding is for people to enjoy life beyond what they have ever dreamed of by providing vehicles that allow people to be free and express themselves in this world through the security of financial freedom through amazing returns in good, solid profitable investments.

And not normal stock type investments, putting their money to work not only for them and their families, putting it to work for the good of mankind.

The Q International Hotel and Towers – provide a luxurious innovative change to the way we live and also create a futuristic hospitality platform for them to stay around the world. Using the latest in green energy, roof top and gardens and innovative solar energy glass will propel this hotel chain in to a global awarding enterprise.

Montenegro Redevelopment Projects – Includes condos, villas and hotels in the most beautiful cities in the world where the population grows from 1 million to more than 20 million people 9 months out of the world Our goal is for Montenegro to become the “Sister City of Beverly Hills” in the near future.

Technology – Our innovative Bar-code Application Project and our Microwave Power Equalizing Technology (MPE) and its Applications, Energy Train Power Plant System or the Air-Car projects will make us “Elon Musk- like”in our vision of of energy and transportation systems.

Real Estate in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles – Soon to be our strategic alliances and partnerships with the most powerful brokerages in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles will provide our clients quick access to their real estate and investment needs.

Hollywood Movie Industry – 2019 our Creative and innovative thinking will result in some of the most amazing film projects ever from our networks in this industry. Our alliances and partnerships with the most successful film companies in Hollywood will allow our clients with the opportunities to receive tremendous returns on their investments.

Sarican Holding Vision is “Your Vision” to a happier life of financial freedom and a global innovative future for your money and investment needs.